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Frequently Asked Questions

about our corporate events

Cooking & Recipes

Do I need prior cooking experience to join a class?
Can I choose my chef?
How easy or difficult are your recipes?
Can we create a custom recipe?
What about dietary restrictions and allergies?
What is the flow of an in-person cooking experience?

Tech & Shipping

What video platform do you use for virtual events?
When do you ship the Ingredient Kits? What if one doesn’t arrive?
Do you ship ingredient kits internationally?
Do we need cameras on for virtual events?

Event Logistics & Planning

Is there a lot of downtime?
Can we JUST do a virtual class (with no kits)?
How far do we need to plan ahead?
How do I book, what's the process?
Do you have templates to help me plan?

Beverage & Add-Ons

Do you offer beverage packages, wine, or wine tastings?
Is it BYOB for in-person events?
Do you offer live music at your events?

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