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Frequently Asked Questions

about our kids programs

General Kids FAQ’s

What’s our mission & vision for our kids programs at Culinary Artistas?
What ages do you serve?
When is your next Plate Date event and where can I sign-up?
I’d like to talk to a human, how do I contact you? 
My group is looking for a customized culinary class, can you help us?

Parties & Celebrations

I would love to have my child’s next party at Culinary Artistas. What’s my next step?
I’m interested in a theme or menu item that isn’t listed, do you create custom themes?
What’s the price break-down for a party and party add-ons?
Can you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?
What is the flow of a kids party?
What activities are required?
Can parents stay? Does it cost extra?
Do I need to bring anything for the party?

Seasonal Kids Camps

Where can I sign-up for kids camps?
When do you have camps?
My kid is a picky eater. Can they attend camp?
Where is camp located?
How many kids attend camp?
What is the daily flow of camp?
Can you accommodate allergies and medical issues?
Are meals included with camp?
What COVID health & safety measures do you have in place?
What is the refund policy for camp?
What is the registration and cancellation deadline for camps?
My child’s school is closed, can you host a camp?
What do I need to pack for camp?
What is the drop-off/pick-up policy for camp? Is there parking?

School Programs

What kind of culinary programming do you offer at schools?
I’d like to sponsor an after-school program or enrichment program for kids. What’s my next step? 
How can I help kids in under-funded school districts receive food education?
I’d love my child to attend an after-school program with Culinary Artistas. How do I bring CA to my child’s school?
How many students can enroll? Is there a minimum and maximum?
How long are classes?
Can you run more than 1 class?
How do you price school programs?
What is the curriculum?
Does my school need a kitchen for you to offer programming? 
Can you accommodate student allergies?
When can we start?
Do you offer other programs?

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