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Frequently Asked Questions

about Renting Our Venue

Booking the Venue

How do I book the venue?
Can we come look at the space?

What’s Included?

What is the max capacity in the space?
How much seating do you have?
What furniture & seating do you have in the space?
Can we rent extra furniture?
Is your venue ADA accessible?
Do you have WiFi?
What equipment do you have in the space?
What type of projector and adapters do you have?
What music system do you have? How does it work?
Can we bring in a DJ or a musician?
Can we bring our own food & alcohol?
What’s the clean-up policy? 
Is there parking?
Is the parklet included?

Once You’ve Booked

How do I check-in?
What is your cancellation policy?
We are visiting! Is there anything to do nearby before/after our event?

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