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We love working with kids & teens to teach food education and culinary skills. We focus on intuitive cooking, which means kids learn skills to empower them to cook and understand their own health in a new way. We believe that cooking has the potential to ignite a creative spark within a child and teach them how to connect to their unique life perspective.


We cook wholesome and multicultural recipes that expose kids to new flavors, develop motor skills, incorporate various cultures, and ultimately, celebrate our time together around the table. 

Our curriculum is designed around the following skills and topics:

Safety & Knife Skills
Basic Nutrition
Geography & Cuisine
Cooking & Science
Taste Exploration
Fun in the Kitchen

Our Offerings


We partner with schools throughout the Bay Area to offer after-school and enrichment classes to kids from pre-K to high school. Our classes are usually between 45min-1hr long and focus on developing basic skills in the kitchen while having fun. Our team will come on site to the school location with all cooking equipment, tools, and ingredients. We are adaptable and can work with many space constraints.

Enhanced Curriculum

We collaborate with educators and classroom teachers to create tailored cooking classes within the school day that will bring to life  STEM and health curriculum.

Field Trips

We love hosting school groups at our cooking school in Ghirardelli Square. Field trips last between 2-3 hours and culminate with a family-style meal prepared by the kids. The experience can be customized by including a cooking competition, theme, focus on a STEM topic, and more. We welcome your creative ideas!


We strive to take each school’s unique budget and needs into account when pricing our school programs. There is a start-up cost for materials and a small activity fee at the start of sessions to cover the cost of groceries.

Artistas Everywhere

If you’re interested in our programs, but your school may need funding in order to work with us, please let us know! Our program, Artistas Everywhere, matches donors to schools in order to bring food education to as many youth as possible. We strive to make our programs accessible to everyone! Please let us know how we may help and we’ll try our darndest to make it possible. 

What’s My Next Step?

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