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11 Great Ideas to Celebrate Latinx Month With Your Team

Jessie is the VP of Events and Operations at Culinary Artistas, where she works with corporate teams of all sizes to craft unique and memorable events.

September 21, 2023
11 Great Ideas to Celebrate Latinx Month With Your Team

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September 15th marks the beginning of Latinx Month (a.k.a. Hispanic Heritage Month), and we’re kicking it off with a special celebratory menu that we customized for a handful of companies interested in observing the month-long holiday.

While we believe food is the best way to celebrate and experience different cultures, there are many ways for teams to observe holidays that promote equity and inclusion.

Latinx Heritage Month, in particular, can be a wonderful opportunity for corporate teams to embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and learn about the rich cultures and contributions of Latinx communities.

Here are some creative ways to celebrate (beyond booking a cooking party with Culinary Artistas!)

11 Ideas for your next team event celebrating diversity

1) Educational Workshops and Panels

Organize workshops and panel discussions featuring speakers from Latinx backgrounds. These sessions can cover topics like cultural history, language, art, and achievements. It's a chance for team members to learn and engage in meaningful conversations.

2) Cultural Competency Training

Offer training sessions that focus on understanding Latinx cultures, values, and traditions. This can enhance cross-cultural interactions within the workplace and promote respect and inclusivity.

3) Virtual Cultural Celebrations

Host virtual events that showcase Latinx music, dance, and art. You could have virtual dance lessons, art exhibitions, or music performances that highlight the diversity within Latinx cultures.

4) Cooking Classes

Arrange cooking classes where employees can learn to prepare traditional Latinx dishes. This is not only fun but also provides a deeper connection to the culture through its flavors.

5) Book and Movie Recommendations

Share a list of books, movies, and documentaries that celebrate Latinx voices and stories. Encourage team members to engage in discussions or form book clubs around these recommendations.

6) Employee Spotlights

Highlight the achievements and contributions of Latinx employees within the company. Feature their stories on the company's intranet or social media platforms.

7) Cultural Show and Tell

Invite employees to share something meaningful from their own cultural background. This could include family stories, artifacts, or traditions that connect them to their Latinx heritage.

8) Language Exchange

Offer language exchange sessions where employees can learn basic phrases in Spanish or Portuguese. Language is a powerful tool for cultural understanding.

9) Community Involvement

Partner with local Latinx organizations for volunteer opportunities. This can help build relationships within the community and make a positive impact.

10) Charity Initiatives

Launch fundraising campaigns or charity drives that support organizations working for social justice, education, or health issues that affect Latinx communities.

11) Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

If your company has an ERG focused on diversity and inclusion, this is the perfect time for them to lead initiatives and events celebrating Latinx Heritage Month.

At Culinary Artistas, we believe the key is to approach these celebrations with genuine respect and curiosity. It's a chance to learn, connect, and appreciate the vibrant tapestry of Latinx cultures.