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11 Great Ideas to Celebrate Latinx Month With Your Team

Jessie is the VP of Events and Operations at Culinary Artistas, where she works with corporate teams of all sizes to craft unique and memorable events.


This Is Why I Don't Call It Hispanic Heritage Month

Vanessa Silva is the founder & CEO of Culinary Artistas. As a Brazilian immigrant, she feels strongly about how language is used to foster a culture of inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.


The only venue rental checklist you’ll ever need

Planning a big event and need to find the perfect venue to make it happen? We’ve been there.


The Case for Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Kate Isler, the CEO and co-founder of The WMarketplace, is harnessing the power of technology and entrepreneurship to not only provide a unique shopping experience, but also to contribute to closing the daunting economic gender gap.


5 Creative Ways to Create a Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace is equitable and diverse, and creating one is much like creating an interesting dish with broad appeal. You need the right ingredients, a careful blend of flavors, and a deep understanding of every guest’s palate. (Have we taken this metaphor too far?)


4 Amazing Team Activities that Support Black-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area

We love going to other people’s events just as much as we like hosting them. We also love supporting businesses with diverse leadership and missions (much like our own!)